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Patara1401 Garden Chair

Warranty: 3 years

Wood: Chestnut, Oak

Varnish: Urethane alkyd resin

Color: Natural, Light Brown, White

Joints: Mortise and Tenon

Height: 83cm (32.7")

Width: 45cm (17.7")

Depth: 56cm (22.0")




Product Technical Brochure

2012 Catalogue

Patara1401 is a wooden patio chair which is produced from 100% hardwood.

Directly export from manufacturer.

Patara1401 wood outdoor chair that is produced for outdoor areas of cafes, bistros, and restaurants. It is also useful for compact outdoor places such as personal balcony, roof and small gardens. We export directly to restaurants, hotels, cafes in Europe and Middle East.

Solid Hardwood

All outdoor wood furniture including outdoor chairs are highly durable and produced from 100% solid hardwood. Chestnut is KaHome's default wood spice for garden furniture. Chestnut is naturally resist to outdoor conditions and has a dense structure.

All Patara model chair frame joints are mortise and tenon. Glued with Water and heat resistant D4 Norm glue.

Modern Style

Patara1401 has a modern style and natural wood pattern. Nature and contemporary style is combined together.

Seat height and backrest

Patara1401 chairs are highly comfortable and more durable with bottom slats.

Shoulder height backrest with curved ladder back is designed for comfortable sitting position and supports the entire back and shoulders.

Seat base slats are slightly curved to get better sitting comfort.

Wood spices

Chestnut wood is default and Oak is optional for all patio chairs. Please contact us for other possible hardwood spices such as iroko.

Colors and finishing

Chestnut and oak woods has natural and elegant texture. Available colors are white, natural (transparent) and light brown (transparent). Patara1401 garden chair's default varnish is urethane alkyd resin based.  Alkyd / acrylic resin based varnish can be optionally applied. Customized coloring is also available depending on number of purchased units (minimum 50 units).

Seat height and optional cushion

Patara1401 chairs are sold without cushion. Default seat height is 43cm (16.9") and recommended cushion is 4cm height. Depending on contract, we can provide standard or customized cushions from 3rd party companies.