Mortise and Tenon Joints

mortise and tenon jointsMortise and tenon is an ancient but highly strong and durable joinery method for woodworking. The tenon is cut to fit the mortise hole exactly. Tenon has shoulders that seat when the joint completely enters the mortise hole. It is simple and strong. But some manufacturers still fail.


KaHome wooden demountable product frames are joined with glued mortise and tenon. Joints are glued with water and heat resist D4 norm adhesive (according to the European quality requirements and standards: DIN EN 204 - D4)


To create a heavy-duty wood chair frame which will be used in restaurants etc. Joints should be highly stable. There are basic tricks to do it right:


* We use dry wood to prevent shrinkage of wood which is used for both mortise and tenon.


* Calibrated machinery and equipments are using to produce wood pieces for a sensitive and exact fit of mortise and tenon.


* Highly qualified employees mount wood frames and double quality check for gluing process.