Low CO2 Emission

Kahome indoor and garden furniture are producing from air dried sawn hardwood which has the lowest carbon footprint in all raw furniture materials.


Some material's carbon footprints in furniture industry (kilos CO2 per kilo of product)

Air dried sawn hard wood: 0.03

low co2 emission furnitureParticleboard: 0,44

Plywood: 0,57

Galvanized Steel: 2.10

Plastics (General): 4,96

Acrylic Paint: 3.39

Aluminium: 9.38

Source: Co2list.org carbon footprint spreadsheet


Natural air dried hardwood contains lowest formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) rather then laminated hardwood, particleboard, MDF, plastics etc.


KaHome product varnishes contain water, synthetic or fast evaporating solvents. Please contact us to learn brand, model, technical details of all chemicals in use.


Our ongoing project is focused on calculating Carbon footprint of each KaHome products.